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I’m back again in Bangkok, Thailand to purchase and make some more gemstones and have jewellery made. I’ve been coming here for decades and it often feels like a home away from home.

To escape the sweltering heat at the end of a long hard day working I always visit the Sirocco Sky Bar at the top to the State Tower in Silom. I always say to people it’s the best roof top bar in the world and has spectacular views over Choa Phraya river. The best time to visit is at sunset. It’s always an inspirational experience.

Here’s the professional buyers guide for buying diamond and colour gemstones anywhere.

1. Never buy on the first day.

2. Take your time. I will spend literally hours looking at hundreds of gemstones. After looking at many hundreds there may be one or two that jump out at you as being exceptional quality. You won’t see this if you’ve just looked at a few.

3. Generally it’s best to go for better colour rather than cut or clarity. That’s unless you’re buying a diamond and you happen to like the champagne look.

4. Check for flaws and imperfections on the inside using a loop, which the seller will provide to you. Of course, there will always be some flaws as gemstones are a natural product. And you won’t get something absolutely flawless unless you have a bank account similar to Richard Branson or Oprah Winfred. But the less flawed the better the quality.

5. Have fun. Go for sparkle and dazzle and what you love.

Belgian Waffles

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