Join us for Boxing day at the Riviera in Chiswick.


Ashton, Lee and Kylie are pleased to invite you to 2015 Boxing Day Party & with you all the best for the season.


Location:         BBQ area at 1 Marine Drive, Chiswick, 2016

Time:                12 noon - 6pm (ish).

Day:                  26 December 2015

Transport :      By Bus: Catch the 504 from Town Hall

                              By ferry: Catch the Ferry to Abbottsford wharf then walk (about 1km)

                              By Car: Drive to Chiswick. Park on Blackwall Point Rd and surrounds.

                              (There also may be some parking within the Riviera).

What to Bring

  • Something to BBQ

  • Champaigne

  • Sunblock and Hats

  • Salads are provided.


Friends welcome.


RSVP to Lee or Kylie


Lee - 0412 888566


Kylie - 0427 130867