Lee Drury has been supplying gemstones to the jewellery industry since 1982.

Now working with master jewellers, Lee Drury is able to offer these remarkable gemstones in quality settings to you at the importers price.


 I first became interested in gemstones when I visited and fell in love with Sri Lanka in 1982. There was something exciting and adventurous about trekking through the jungle out to the mines where the gemstones were being cut. My friend and I were in awe. We stayed with local families in the village and each morning would be a line of men outside the door wanting to sell us their stones.


We had already spent months in Sri Lanka studying sapphires. I was intrigued by what made a good quality gemstone, the right shade of blue, how clean the stone needed to be, the right cut etc. Eventually we met and studied under the famous gemmologist and author, Leslie Punchihewa 


I was hooked and fell in love with the craft of selecting good quality gemstones.  Our first purchases we sold in London. There were many trips back to Sri Lanka and Thailand I spent many years supplying wholesalers and retailers in Sydney, London and around the world, with fine quality gemstones. 


I’ve always been passionate about custom jewellery design.  I work with master craftsman in both Sydney and Thailand to bring your vision to life.


As I am also the wholesaler I can provide great quality at half or even sometimes even a third of what you can purchase at retail.


 As I always say 'If you have a diamond size in mind you can get it at half the price. If you have a budget in mind you can get a much larger diamond'.


 If you'd like to know more please contact me and I'd be happy to answer any questions.